Sree Nandhaas


At Sree Nandhaas, we are all about nostalgia. You'll discover the flavour of tradition in our sensational selection of sweets and snacks, which originated in the 1930s with our grandmother. Passed on to her children and, through them, to the current generation, we find pride in following these tongue-tingling recipes to the dot.

Grandma's memories continue to motivate us, as does her sublime legacy of ensuring that quality—from raw materials to finished products—is always the defining element. Each product we make for you, whether handmade chips or the delectable halwa, bears witness to memories and that all-important component, love.

No wonder we continue to offer the tastiest level of customer satisfaction, the greatest testament to the principles ingrained in us from an early age. Our time-honoured, tried-and-true delights are guaranteed to evoke nostalgia in you, bringing you memories of home, that special place from where wonderful things come.