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It’s all about taste

Sree Nandhaas is about things that taste good and make you desire more. Behind this exquisite flavour is a constant and unwavering commitment to preserve quality, from ensuring the freshest raw ingredients to the final checks in production, so that everything is perfect just as you would like.

The freshness of coconut oil, the little secret behind our tasteful snacks, is important in terms of taste and health. Health is the new awareness, and it is ingrained in our manufacturing processes, demonstrating how we evolve through time to ensure quality. Every time you come back, you'll see that the only thing different is a new delicacy we've created just for you.

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Not for us the lure of using additives in our delights just to extend their shelf-life. The health of our customers remains our top priority. No trans fats, no chemical colourings, no aspartame, or potentially harmful agents that can cause serious health hazards.

A sense of sweet comfort and belonging—that is the taste of tradition. We keep up with the times, but we also keep with the time-tested. Age-old recipes are sacred for us, so is conserving the tantalising flavours that have continuously appealed to generations.

All our treats are handcrafted from scratch with the freshest ingredients and the finest time-honoured techniques. Expert sweet and savoury makers carefully choose the raw or base ingredients, with quality and consistency as the primary standards.

As food handlers, we take our responsibilities seriously by adhering to the highest personal and infrastructural hygiene standards. The preparation and cooking stages, along with the health of the staff responsible, are carefully monitored.



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