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About Sree Nandhaas

We make homemade chips and snacks all day, everyday with fresh coconut oil. We believe good food doesn’t have to mean boring flavors, colors or textures - we use premium high-quality ingredients and mix them in unique combinations to create deliciously wholesome snacks worth getting excited about and to tickle your taste buds again and again. We also believe that people don’t need to choose between health and taste when it comes to snacking.

We have a wide variety of snacks to stoke your appetite which act as perfect fillers between main courses and can be found in households across Kerala. From sweet delicacies to spicy treats, the texture and flavor of each one of them is legendary with each recipe has its own unique story that resonates with our people.

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Fort Road, Kaithamukku, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695024
Phone: +91 96330 33000
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